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Anti-Chinese USA—racism & discrimination from the onset

While the slavery of Africans and the genocide of Native Americans are familiar topics to many, what the Chinese in America endured remains an unfamiliar subject to most. Severe acts of racism and discrimination—pogroms, massacres, mass expulsions and near-genocidal ...
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Hollywood Asian stereotypes

Hollywood is unfair and pernicious in its portrayal of Asians, the research shows time and again. Stereotypical and often contradictory characteristics are imposed on Asians. There are clear indications that such media characterizations are reinforcing misperceptions that are manifesting in real life as everything from covert ...
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Morgan Freeman “misquote” — milestone statement for African Americans?

The 2006 interview with Morgan Freeman (see box on the right) has gone viral across social networks such as Facebook, with Freeman proponents singing his praises and crediting him with profound wisdom. As usual, such quotes are ...
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Rasifierad? Nej tack! Swedish antiracists, stop helping. Please!

Some words should never have been normalized as ways to describe people, such as the centuries-old term “mulatto,” which [...] refers to the sterile mix-breed offspring of a horse and a donkey. And now, in 2016, thanks to the the Feminist Initiative ...
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What if...?

What if the new trend in China was for people to get a tattoo of a random English word, like fingernail or bookcase, believing it made them look deep and spiritual? What if agencies were set up to facilitate rich Korean parents in adopting white babies born into struggling American single-parent households?
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Not racist, just goofy, squint-eye faces

Asians in the West who are the frequent targets of ignorant gestures or racist taunts, are faced with the following conundrum: • be appeasing in response to the perceived disrespect—and thus teach by example, that the behavior is acceptable save their energy...
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