As a ghostwriter and research writer, I assist authors in the publication of books and essays.
  I am also committed to topics of personal interest and several of my articles published on this website have become required reading in university curriculae across the world.
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I provide copy, editing, proofing and authorized translation services to companies listed on the Nasdaq OMX. My assignments include a broad range of industry topics, from finance to technology, forestry, construction, pharmaceutical, automotive, etc.
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A professional musician since age 10, I am internationally active as a guitarist and vocalist, and teach, record and perform in a variety of styles, from Jazz to Blues, Funk, Soul, Country and “World Music” in anywhere from private venues to cruise ships and large stadiums.
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Zak Keith

Zak Keith
Zak Keith
Musician, published author, research writer, translator, volunteer, traveler and unabashed hedonist
“Polymath” and “renaissance man” are some of the more flattering terms that have been used to describe me — titles that I'm not sure I deserve. Like everyone else, I am but the sum of my life circumstances and the choices I made. Born in England, I lived in several different countries before settling in Sweden and Switzerland. Music has always been a part of my life. I began performing on television as a child, which may have turned me into something of an applause junkie. Later, I branched out into other fields such as IT, management, professional writing and translation (here's my CV, if you're interested). Although I was mainly driven by curiosity, a keen interest in how things work and the need to make ends meet when job options were limited, it is in my nature to want to get things right, to pursue knowledge and excellence. And in the course of immersing myself in these very different professions, I was fortunate enough to be paid for doing what I love and to be considered an employable “expert” by world-class companies and musicians. I am also genuinely flattered that my writing has been cited by academia and politicians across the world — all I set out to do, was to put into words things that I strongly felt needed to be said.

Luchernstrasse 37
3920 Zermatt
Tel: +41–76–6699xxx (kindly request)

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